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Transformers Masterpiece Mp-05 Megatron Die-cast Action Figure
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Transformers Masterpiece Mp-05 Megatron Die-cast Action Figure

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CHOKING HAZARD -- Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron. Included accessories are: Megatron's small gun, energy sabre, energy mace and a small Kremzeek figure. Megatron will stand around 12" tall. It is unsure if the figure will be made of die-cast or plastic or a combination of both. Due to United States Toy Gun Laws, it is illegal to import MP-05 Megatron due to it not having an orange blaze safety tip on the end of the gun barrel.

Product Details:
Product Length: 7.0 inches
Product Width: 4.0 inches
Product Height: 12.0 inches
Product Weight: 2.35 pounds
Package Length: 15.3 inches
Package Width: 10.4 inches
Package Height: 4.4 inches
Package Weight: 2.35 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 41 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 41 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

36 of 41 found the following review helpful:

3Looks can be deceivingMay 06, 2007
By Digital Man
Let me say that this Megatron figure is not a toy. If you plan on buying this figure for a child, he or she will break in no time. This is an adult collectors item and a very fragile one at that. This masterpiece Megatron is an amazing figure to look at, but it is also extremely fragile. I would highly suggest you do not attempt to transform this Megatron because you will more than likely break something. It does not matter how careful you are when transforming this figure because, the design of this masterpiece Megatron is based on these small brittle plastic tabs that snap easily. Megatron's head and one of his fingers popped off when I tried transforming him. The little plastic gray tab on the right pistol trigger also broke off as well during a careful and gentle transformation. I know most people will be tempted to transform this figure but you have been warned. Save yourself the frustration and extra money, you will have to pay to get replacement parts for this figure. LEAVE MEGATRON IN ROBOT MODE. On the bright side, this masterpiece Megatron is the most accurate version of the cartoon Megatron ever made. This Megatron is also very tall and very intricately detailed. Masterpiece Megatron is slightly larger than the masterpiece Optimus. Megatron also seems to have a more overall impressiveness than Optimus especially when equipped with the fusion cannon. I was also really impressed with the complex design that was put into this figure. It is simply amazing how the designers figured out how to design this masterpiece Megatron. The only problem with Megatron other than the fragility of this figure is the extremely large size of Megatron's fusion cannon. The fusion cannon is quite an impressive looking weapon but it is way too large for Megatron to carry. My Megatron has a hard time standing up because his fusion cannon makes him fall over. The pistol barrel on Megatron's back also limits Megatron aiming his fusion cannon straight forward. Overall on a scale of one to ten this is how I rank masterpiece Megatron.

Durability - 1

Playability- 2

Detail - 10

Design- 9

Ability to pose - 5

20 of 24 found the following review helpful:

By Guillermo Loayza
For starters this is NOT A TOY. It's a Masterpiece Item.

I, like many other Transformers fans, have been waiting for a figure like this for more than 20 years, specially after seeing the new movie version which has nothing to do with the original G1 Megatron.

This Masterpiece Collection item is TRULY A HOMAGE TO G1 MEGATRON. It's also designed to be showcased next to the Masterpiece Optimus Prime. And just like it, it needs some thinkering to transform it from pistol to robot, and back.

When mine arrived, as a challenge, I transformed it from robot, to pistol, to robot, without following the instruction booklet (Although I don't recomend this unless you have lots of patience). Nothing broke apart. The key is you must be patient and careful, understanding how every part connects and interacts with each other.

The price tag for it is over a hundred bucks. Anything in this price range is not supossed to end in a kid's hands. Or any careless hands for that matter. If you allow this to happen, it's on your own risk.

Like many reviewers have pointed out, it's a extremely delicate figure. But, honestly, it would be fragile depending only on who is handling it. To keep this version as close as possible to the cartoon representation, the Engineers came with an impresive transformation design. Hats off to them.

In conclusion, AMAZING.

And, for those that insist this is a toy at least wait for the 50bucks under version to come out, like Hasbro Optimus, which I honestly doubt will ever even come out.

27 of 35 found the following review helpful:

1What a piece of over priced junk!!!May 28, 2007
By Christopher Sikora
I am a huge fan of the original Transformers toy line. They were my favorite toys growing up. So when I first learned of the Masterpiece collection I was very excited. I received the Masterpiece Optimus Prime as a gift this past Christmas, and found it to be indeed a masterpiece!. The quality and detail of its construction is superb, right down to the Autobot Matrix.

I also have Starscream which was considerably less impressive. Starscream cannot stand without the aid of a specially designed display platform included with the model. He is made entirely of plastic and some of his parts and workings are rather flimsy given the exorbitant price. After Optimus Prime, Starscream was a bit of a let down.

Recently, I acquired Megatron, by far the worst of the Masterpiece series to date. The designer really needs to go back to the drawing board on this one. Many of the models pieces simply fall off when even the slightest pressure is applied. Transforming the model is anything but intuitive and can take you over an hour to complete the first time out. You quickly get the feeling that you might irreparably damage the model due to its flimsy construction. For example, the entire torso and lower body sections are joined together by nothing more than a hinged plastic spine which is less than 1/8 inch thick. I found it difficult to transform the model without having to force several sections to either fit them together or jar them apart. In gun mode, parts of the stock and trigger simply don't fit together at all. After a single transformation some of the plastic parts were visibly worn and could no longer snap or lock into position. Now granted this is not a toy in the traditional sense, but just as a comparison consider this. I still have my original Megatron toy from the Generation 1 series (The first Transformer Hasbro put out in the U.S.). It's now at least 20 years old and shows all the signs of a toy that was regularly played with. This same toy in its present condition is is at least 10 times sturdier and 20 times less fragile than a brand new Masterpiece Megatron. In fact if both were placed on a shelf 6 feet off the floor and both happened to fall to the floor, I seriously doubt Masterpiece Megatron would be intact let alone salvageable whereas the original toy, aside from a scratch or two would show no damage whatsover.

Collector or not, do yourself a favor, save yourself from this overpriced piece of junk. It's definitely a masterpiece....of frustration!!!

9 of 11 found the following review helpful:

4Know What You Want, THEN ENJOY!Mar 28, 2009
By Christian E. Senftleben "christian__s"
There's a lot of negativity in these review and frankly, I think it has far more to do with people's uninformed expectations than it does with the toy's overall quality.

Is it imperfect? Sure, there are one or two things I wish were changed. Honestly though, I don't see how they could have done much of it differently. THAT'S IT.

First off, understand what you're getting. Go to YouTube and check out the multiple reviews available, which have surprising variety. Here are the things to keep in mind:

(1) Yes, it's perhaps the most complex transformation on the market. That comes from it being a marvel of engineering and ingenuity, NOT from it being a poor quality toy. Honestly, *you* try turning a Walther P38 into a figure even remotely resembling the animated G1 character. It took a genius to design this thing, and my hat is off to whoever it was.

(2) Yes, it's fragile. I will agree that die-cast would have been a better choice, and in fact this is my one true complaint with the product. That said, you should know better if you think it's either a kid's toy or something to be handled casually. I've transformed mine perhaps TWO DOZEN TIMES since I got him a little over two months ago, and frankly, it's held up beautifully, with NOTHING broken to date. You just have to know what you're getting into with something like this. Period.

(3) Yes, it can be tricky to pose with his fusion (arm) cannon. This is simple physics, not a flaw. In order to keep the scope to scale with Megatron in gun mode, that was the size it required. I myself wish it were smaller, but I get their reasoning behind it. I will admit his poses require a bit of thinking, but with just a little effort (and perhaps research) you can get some great, stable poses out of him. Just know, again, that you'll have to compensate for how it's weighted. After all, the feet are designed for flexibility AND strength to help offset any other difficulties.

So, are we clear? Complex transformation. Handle with care. Some creativity for posing required. THAT'S IT. The rest is unmitigated beauty of form, function, and design.

I mean, the G1 animators REALLY cheated with Megatron, yet the designers here STILL pulled it off! I did not think it was possible to make a realistic, G1-accurate Megatron in both gun and robot modes, yet here it is waiting for you. It's so detailed and so intricately well-built that I find myself handling and staring at him on my desk constantly. Every day I'm glad to have him.

Of course, I was a fan of the toy back in the day, and I remember even at eight years old thinking the toy they'd put out back then was disappointing and quite frankly, just plain hideous (if you'd bought it for me then, I'd likely have cried!). It did not transform like the cartoon and Megatron in robot form looked like he'd been through a mangler, then melted briefly. So if this is some kind of child-wish fulfillment, so be it. I have always been predisposed to handling and keeping delicate / intricate things, and that certainly helps as well.

Myself, aside from the diecast issue, have no true complaints. Do I wish the legs were less spindly? Sure. However, I don't see how it could EVER be physically possible. Do I wish the cannon was smaller? Sure. If it was, however, I'd be irritated it wasn't to scale with his gun mode, so somebody had to make a choice on that one and I respect it.

So yeah, if you read this and look at the YouTube reviews, know what you're getting into and take my advice, then I can't see how you would have anything but a GREAT TIME with it for years to come. Every day I look at it and smile, and I don't see that changing.

6 of 7 found the following review helpful:

4For True Transformer fans only!Oct 29, 2008
By Eric J. Witte
I was so excited when I got my MP-05 Megatron, the first thing I did was try to transform it. I really did not read the instructions at all, and was able to get most of the process down. The only thing that confused me was getting his lower half to fit in his alternate mode, but once I found out his leg pieces can swing backwards, it was fine.

Some reviews have said that the toy is made of cheap parts and is very delicate. I am always careful transforming my figures, so this was never a problem for me. It needs to be transformed a few times, so the kinks can get worked out, some of the joints are indeed tight the first time. It is also bulky, but you can remove some of the armor pieces when transforming it and put them back on to make it easier. The figure is mostly plastic, which was a bit of a letdown, especially for the price. It is also much larger than I suspected, so if you want to display this, make sure you have room.

Overall, I think this is a great figure, you can pose it pretty well, and the articulation is on point. If you are careful, you should be able to transform it as often as you like without worries. I think the price was a little high, so I will not be getting another masterpiece to add to my collection, but this was the only one I was really interested in anyway. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

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