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Soul of Chogokin: GX-22 Evangelion 04 Production Model Diecast Figure
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Soul of Chogokin: GX-22 Evangelion 04 Production Model Diecast Figure

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Evangelion GX-22 EVA-04 Production Model Soul of Chogokin Die Cast Action Figure, like the previous releases, it's solid and has quite a heft to it, and the paint job is marvellous. But what makes this chogokin piece so special is its incredible poseability. Cunningly designed, these are truly 'action' figures, with joints just about everywhere, allowing you to put your EVA into just about any pose you might think of -- even its feet are jointed so that you can bend them for a realistic crouch! As well as the super-jointed 'bot, included in the box are a Positron Rifle, and entry plug.

Product Details:
Package Length: 9.3 inches
Package Width: 8.1 inches
Package Height: 3.1 inches
Package Weight: 1.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 1 customer reviews )
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4Purple hands but Metal heart!Feb 08, 2011
By Shelley Hutchings "Penny Rain"
I bought this Eva because I'm a huge Kensuke Aida fan, and if the thing hadn't been blown away it would have been his.
This is my first dis cast Eva and I love! It's got great articulation including toe joints and waist joints! What I did not know was he is not ENTIRELY metal, quite a bit of him is plastic only the made body is metal, head hands, and arms are all plastic. The stand is a bit flimsy for playing with but beautiful for displaying. The hands, which are pictured as dust blue are actually purple, I think they just reused the Eva 01 hands for this figure, I plan to repaint them since the purple looks tacky and out of place IMO. The weapons are pretty standard nothing special, I was hoping for a smash hawk or the shield that comes with the revoltech Eva 04, but no such luck on that either. None of these things distract for it's beautiful Chrome finish, it's high level of customization and articulation which make it's great for playing! Can't wait to see how it measures up to the Revoltech unit 01 I have on the way. Also Umbilical cable is not magnetized as advertise, it's clips in with a small plastic nub.

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