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Revoltech: 030 Gunbuster 2 Dix-Neuf Buster Machine Action Figure
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Revoltech: 030 Gunbuster 2 Dix-Neuf Buster Machine Action Figure

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Revoltech: Buster Machine Action Figure. Imported from Japan! "RevolTech Joint" (or "Revoltech") is an innovative joint system that allows figure to demonstrate any kind of realistic pose. The Dix-Neuf Buster-Machine #19 is based on the famous Studio Gainax anime OVA series, Gunbuster (a.k.a. Diebuster), and is the oldest Buster Machine, piloted by Casio Takashiro. The Dix-Neuf is designed to look like a stereotypical Japanese school bully or gangster, and is the only machine present from the beginning to the end of the series. The figure measures approximately 6" tall, has multiple articulation points, and comes equipped with interchangeable accessories & weapons. Window boxed.

Product Details:
Package Length: 7.87 inches
Package Width: 5.51 inches
Package Height: 3.74 inches
Package Weight: 0.66 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 1 customer reviews )
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5Revoltech Diebuster / Gunbuster 2 Dix-Neuf Figure Review.Apr 04, 2013
By Kjell Kristian
I have to be honest and say that this is just one of those times where the design sold me the thing i saw, i love the design of this guy!

Don't worry though, i did watch the show after i bought him and the show is just as awesome as this figure, you should go and watch it whatever way you can!

anyway, over to the figure, i am gonna do my standard review routine and cut the review into several parts.

Articulation: the articulation on this figure is somewhat restricted due to his giant mechanical trench coat, but can take the coat off and put on a awesome demon face on the back so the articulation wont be as restricted, also this coat weighs a ton, the figure became light as a feather once it was taken off, but thats off topic, it has the standard revoltech articulation, so if you've had revoltechs in the past, thats what to expect. (basically a lot of articulation all over the body)

Accessories: this figure doesn't come with a bunch of accessories, but the ones it comes with are awesome, it comes with a spied baseball bat, a knuckle duster with two red chainsaws (no really), the demon head/face previously mentioned and two extra open hands and a extra head with a closed eye.

Modeling/Sculpting: the modeling or sculpting on this figure is super awesome, they got it down to the ittiest bittiest detail, and i love it, of course there are limitations, but if you love this character then you'll be in love with the figure as well.

Overall Value: i got what i expected, it doesn't have a lot of accessories, but the awesomeness that this figure creates on your shelf is more than enough, 5 out of 5 stars!

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