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Gundam MG Infinite Justice Gundam 1/100 Scale
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Gundam MG Infinite Justice Gundam 1/100 Scale

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There's no better justice than Infinite Justice--and Bandai does justice to the Mobile Suit with this highly anticipated Master Grade release! This sharply detailed snap-fit kit of Athrun Zala's personal Mobile Suit comes molded in color, and upon completion the mech will be fully poseable with polycapped joints that allow for posing possibilities galore. This kit introduces to the MG series a new joint system for its side skirt armor that allows you to pose Infinite Justice Gundam kicking, as seen in "Gundam Seed Destiny"! Included are a beam rifle that can be mounted on its back skirt armor, two "Super Lacerta" Beam Sabers that can combine to form a double-bladed beam weapon, and a left arm-mounted shield that stores a detachable "Shining Edge" Beam Boomerang and Grapple Stinger (a bendable wire is provided to display it in mid-deployment). Beam effect parts for the Beam Sabers, "Griffon" Beam Blades connecting the knees and feet, Beam Boomerang, and shield are provided as well.

Product Details:
Product Length: 16.14 inches
Product Width: 3.94 inches
Product Height: 13.23 inches
Product Weight: 2.5 pounds
Package Length: 16.14 inches
Package Width: 13.23 inches
Package Height: 3.94 inches
Package Weight: 1.88 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 24 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 5.0 ( 24 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5One Was All It Took.Jan 10, 2010
By Glen "The Gundam Freak"
I won't lie, I bought this on impulse. Even video games can be boring at times, right? Well, it turns out that impulse buy turned into a new hobby. Upon arrival and opening and whatnot, the box art immediately grabbed me by the throat and screamed "This ain't gonna be no cakewalk, boy!". And it wasn't, given that it not only was my first ever Master Grade, but the first model kit I've built in almost 15 years. One gets rusty without practice. But, the more I assembled, the more I couldn't help but be amazed at the attention to detail Bandai's put into these kits. All joints have a near-perfect to perfect range-of-motion, the runners are easily numbered so even if you can't read the 'Moonrunes', you can still find the part you need, and best of all, the finished product is stunning. Sure, you don't need to paint or detail it, but why wouldn't you? Just get a few cans of spray paint or, if you can afford one or have one on hand, an airbrush, and a few various colors of Gundam Markers for the fine lines, and you'll have one mean-looking Master Grade to proudly display!

Who says impulse buys are a waste of money?

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Still My Favorite Master GradeJun 23, 2011
By Kurt D.
This was my first Master Grade model kit, and I should note that the Infinite (') Justice is by far my favorite mobile suit design in the Gundam franchise, so this review may be slightly biased.

The size of the box really helps you feel like the kit is worth your money. It's huge and has some awesome box art of the ' Justice that I believe is from one of the later episodes of Gundam Seed Destiny. The sides are adorned with all different images showing you what the completed model looks like and all the accessories that come with it.

But enough about the box! Once you get all the frames/sprues out of the bags and the pieces cut out, the build is pretty intuitive but not too difficult or time-consuming (it took me about 2-3 hours to complete it, decals and lining included). It has a very sturdy inner frame that is the trademark of the Master Grade kits, and thus allows for great posing possibilities once completed. Other than basic panel lining, no paint is necessary for the model (though the blue stickers on the head may be better off painted). The decals are also not needed, but a few make the suit not look nearly as bland.

Once complete, this model is very impressive. On its own, the ' Justice has great articulation and looks. The flight pack pegs in very solidly on its back, and, while making it backheavy, the kit can still stand without an action base. With the flight pack up and the wings extended, however, a base is needed for proper posing. The beam rifle and beam sabers fit rather well into the pegs in the hands, though the saber hilts are rather loose when stored in the sideskirts and don't always stay in. The shield pegs in very solidly, though the beam shield accessory is difficult to line up properly. Another complaint is that the beam parts for the legs don't fit very well and require heating and bending to get them to work.

Overall, the Infinite Justice is one of the best Master Grade model kits made to date. It looks great, has great articulation and numerous accessories that really makes it worth the relatively high price. Highly recommended.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4Infinite Justice is a great unit but the heavy backpack and easy to break plastic parts take a bit of the fun away.Sep 14, 2014
By Xan
This is my first ever gunpla kit and so far I love it! The main unit does not stand on its own due to the heavy backback that drags it back. Some of the parts are falling off and generally speaking I find it a bit on the flimsy side. There a lot of weapons (beam rifle, energy shield, corded scissors and double beam sabers) and the articulation is really nice, no complains here. Overall, a great kit for beginners, just keep in mind that you need a lot of patience and you have to be ready for finger slashes and extremely small items that are easy to lose. Four out of five stars.

5Close Combat Gundam with a large amount of gearDec 17, 2014
By Evarai
A great contrast from his brother unit, the Strike Freedom. With the Swiss Army Knife of Shields and with blades everywhere, this gundam is loaded with enough equipment and tools to look great no matter how you set him up.

Note that an action base is pretty much required for this unit as it's extremely back heavy but there are various connection points that will give you a great deal of flexibility when setting him up. Personal choice is a direct connection below the backpack. Separate, there are no issues with balance and the backpack itself is it's own weapon.

Still, SWISS ARMY KNIFE OF SHIELDS. High selling point here.

5GUNDAM model came in perfectAug 10, 2010
By Wolf
When looking around for a model of the infinite justice it came down to the choice between whether to get the regular model or the master grade model. I decided to get the master grade because the color looked a little better. The MG Seed Destiny Infinite Justice Gundam 1/100 Model kit was fun to build and definitely worth the extra money spent to get the Master Grade.

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